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About Us:


Many of the resources on this website were written for the Biblical Solutions Seminar, which has been held since 1997 in the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. The seminar is part of a work called Equipping for Ministry, which was initiated to help meet the need for genuine biblical ministry in the church. The goal of the seminar is to engage Christians in seeking biblical solutions to problems and needs that arise in their work for God through a serious and disciplined study of scripture.

This website was developed to make the resources written by those involved in the Biblical Solutions Seminar available to any who could benefit from them.


The purpose of the website is to offer resources to be used in the work of building up the church by making disciples. However, we must keep a proper perspective on resources in connection with this work. The work is personal. Jesus himself lived and walked with his disciples and in so doing established the pattern of disciples making other disciples through personal relationships. This means that any media ministry, no matter how good it may be, is best treated as supplemental to the personal work of making disciples. With this in mind we have prioritized the purposes of the site as follows:

1. To provide biblical resources for those involved in the Equipping for Ministry network and the ministries of its members.
2. To provide biblical resources to Christians in general to be used as a tool in their own inter-personal work of discipleship.
3. To communicate the gospel to site visitors who do not have a saving faith in Christ.


a. Personal conduct

All members of the website team are expected to possess qualities consistent with a mature faith in Christ as set out by the word of God (e.g., Gal 5.22-23; Rom 5.1-5; Col 3.12-15). Furthermore, they are to be committed to and actively pursuing the views and principles stated in the resource material. It is our goal to advocate and minister that which is a reality in our own lives.

b. Finances

We do not charge for the use of material on the site. Jesus instructed his disciples concerning their ministry, “freely you have received, freely give” (Matt 10.8). Our copyright allows for downloading of the material for personal use and for ministry to others (alteration, or receiving value for redistribution or use is not permitted). Any printed material available for order through the site is provided at a reasonable price.

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