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George Tabert

When I became a Christian (in 1973), God immediately became very real to me. In my new spiritual life, I had a deep desire for Godís word and was overtaken by the power of that word. With this new sense of God came a strong sense of calling that my life was to be devoted to the word of God. I began by studying the Bible and learning its truth in the struggles of the Christian life, but then (in 1978) doors opened for evangelistic and discipleship ministry, which ministry I have carried on in various ways.

After a secular career, I went to university to study the biblical languages. While at university, I pursued the personal purpose of finding a biblical answer to some core questions raised by the secular study of religion and the Bible. Upon reaching this goal, I turned away from pursing an academic career to give myself to the work of the gospel and the building of the church.

I would be leaving out a key point if I only let you know that I have studied and taught the Bible. Through it all, I have seen God work in my life and in the lives of others. I have come to know Godís word as the power by which God works in the lives of people in a wide range of settings. It is this, Godís word as his power, that I want to communicate. Through this website, I am only making available material I have written in the course of working with Godís word.

Andre van Ameyde

I came to faith in Christ in 1980 and right from the start he gave me a strong desire to learn and to teach the word of God. To know God, his truth and his way, and to express this to others, became a driving force. As I grew in the Christian life, opportunities to minister began to emerge. Along the way I have had much to learn, much to unlearn and much to re-learn, but the Lord has always been gracious and faithful in drawing me into his way.

In 1986, while engaged in secular work and education, God called me to devote myself instead to the study of the word. I began to learn the biblical languages at university and then took up biblical studies at a christian college. During this time God re-focused my attention on ministry to people rather than on academic pursuits. Since then I have made it my lifeís work to minister the word as the Spirit gives me opportunity.

Through my experiences God has shown that his word is enduring truth. All of scripture exists to shape our eternal relationship with God. I have seen this dynamic at work in my life and in others. I simply want to share, through whatever means, what God has given me in his word.

Both George and Andre live with their families in the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada.

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